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The news opportunities in the global meat market scenario

An increasing number of issues, some problems between the US and China, and the disaster caused by the fires in Australia provide challenge and new opportunities for Brazilian beef exporters.

That the US is the largest high-quality beef exporter in the world and the main beef exporter in value, it’s not a new, but what we must highlight is the projection that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) itself made. He reported on the four main beef-exporting countries in order of importance: India, Brazil, Australia and the United States.

Australia the third largest beef exporter, is suffering by the bushfires and a severe drought in beef producing regions. The forced reduction of the herd resulted in an increase in domestic demand and a reduction in exports.

One of Australia's main competition with Brazil is the meat import market in Indonesia. With more than 260 million inhabitants, Indonesia imports around 150,000 tonnes of meat per year. Approximately 40% of all this meat is from Australia.

With the world's lowest meat supply, the prices tend to increase, benefiting Brazilian producers and exporters.